Two-fold: Metaphors of the human condition

Written by Cecilia Dupire on the occasion of the joint exhibition Two-fold, curated by Cecilia Dupire and featuring works by Jin Meyerson and Anders Krisár.

Anders Krisár and Jin Meyerson, Johyun gallery
Kiaf SEOUL, September 3–6, 2022

Anders Krisár and Jin Meyerson, Two-fold
CFHILL gallery, November 11–December 2, 2022
Photo: Björn Petrén

Two-fold examines the internal dialogues of two autobiographical visual accounts – primary gestures of personal negotiation, which embrace and speak of the artists’ own personae. Anders Krisár’s and Jin Meyerson’s artworks stand as platforms of their untold stories; they are places where the artists have lost and found themselves. 
    To comprehend the multifaceted complexities of these artists – the way they see, think, and act – we need to understand their origins. Both have experienced traumatic events that shaped their artistic processes and led them to create authentic, profound bodies of work. 
    Jin Meyerson’s paintings are dynamic: they constantly shift between visual layers. Like an atomic explosion they inhabit a physical blast of energy that penetrates any barrier. And like fireballs of intensity, they are full of color, lines, and light which are blended and separated in a dialectic collision of fusion and fission, creating gateways into alternative worlds.
    Anders Krisár’s sculptures are precise dissections of the body that force the beholders to complete a dialogue, filling in the absences of the works within their own minds. The works are striking combinations of classical figurative form, enhanced by acute realism, and brutal amputation. Krisár explores patterns that attract and repel. To voice his urgent, intimate message, he investigates the reduction of appearance through subtraction and elimination, arriving at an underlying concept.
    Both artists engage with iconographic elements that transcend a parallel existence between the ephemeral and the material world. They describe existence through distortion and supernatural truth. Technically and stylistically skilled, they constantly explore new avenues, although in vastly different ways.

Anders Krisár and Jin Meyerson, Two-fold
Johyun Gallery, April 11–30, 2023

Anders Krisár and Jin Meyerson, Two-fold
Gallery2, April 13–May 13, 2023

Anders Krisár and Jin Meyerson, Two-fold
Noblesse Collection, April 21–May 26, 2023

Krisár and Meyerson started out as artists more than two decades ago. They share an intense desire to express their inner melancholic longings, to connect and to be seen through their works, and they have both remained committed to this central narrative, building on themes such as love, loneliness, and transient sensuousness.
    Jointly drawing on an appreciation of surrealist aesthetics, they both also act on the complexities of their respective backgrounds, using conceptual metaphors to represent the human condition. Their artworks are intimate visual maps that explore, conceal, and reveal transformative representation.  
    Throughout their oeuvres, Meyerson and Krisár use personal symbolism to capture fluctuating moments in singular expressions. The works present a two-fold psychological effect, concealing one side to reveal new meaning.

Anders Krisár, High Diver (1), 2022

Jin Meyerson, Post California 3.0, 2022

Cecilia initiated the collaboration between Anders Krisár and Jin Meyerson, who were first shown together at Kiaf SEOUL in 2021. This first meeting eventually became Two-fold, a series of exhibitions at CFHILL, Sweden (November 2022) and Gallery2 as well as Johyun Gallery, South Korea (April 2023).