Cecilia Dupire (née Eklund) is an author, curator and designer. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, she spent parts of her early life in Munich and Vienna, before earning a BA in Applied Arts from The American College, London, in 1996.
    Cecilia’s professional career started off in the office of architect and artist Michael Wolfson, working on his personal projects and those he shared with Zaha Hadid. After moving to New York in 2004, she founded CEZIGN, an association of designers and image creators working on contemporary interiors and exteriors. Her conceptual designs have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Casa & Giardino and Cottages & Gardens. 
    In 2017, Cecilia co-curated the Mykonos Biennale in Greece, organizing Trans-Allegoria: A night of Philosophy, an event involving global thinkers Barry C Smith, Meriam Korichi, Gloria Origgi and Paul Boghossian. She has organized a series of lectures on art, identity and intersectionality in collaboration with Professor Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Associate Director of Harvard Business School, and is a member of The Board of Governors of The New York Opera Fund. In New York, she also works with children in need, volunteering in an art therapy programme at NYC’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 
    In recent years, Cecilia Dupire has developed several projects with Korean-American painter Jin Meyerson and Swedish sculptor Anders Krisár. Throughout 2022 and 2023, both artists feature in shows curated by Dupire at CFHILL gallery in Stockholm, Gallery 2 in Seoul and Johyun Gallery in Busan. Sculpture, a book on the art of Anders Krisár, authored by Cecilia Dupire, was also published in 2022.

As an author and curator, Dupire works with psychological interpretations of genres, motifs and expressions, exploring the physical and emotional connections between people, places, and lived experience. 
    Building on her knowledge of the visual arts and music, as well as neuroscience and behavioral psychology, she forms collaborations with artists which venture far beyond the realm of conventional interviews or curating. These collaborative efforts are dialogues offering creative minds a chance to express what is both unique and indeterminate about their selves and their works. 
    Dupire’s method of examination, which influences all her work, revolves around three key tenets:

Intimate interest:
Exploring the private space of artists’ thoughts and emotions.

Retro analysis:
A close evaluation of the past.

Disclosures linked to personal experiences, which were previously unknown.

At the heart of this process – which involves collaborations with artists and musicians as well as academics and gallerists – is the memory of a beloved brother. Björn Eklund was born with Down Syndrome and battled leukemia most of his life. Cecilia was by his side throughout his illness and her profound closeness with her brother defines the spirit that she brings to all of her work.